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Moving soon? Follow these tips from our expert moving professionals to make your next move a breeze!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

No matter how excited you may be to move, we are almost certain you are not excited about hauling all your belongings from one place to the next. Since we’re in the business to make your move as painless as possible, we have put together a few moving tips to help you assist you through your move.

1. Start packing early. Once you have your official moving date, it is a good time to start packing. Begin with the items that you don’t use as often and put the items you may use before you move on the top.

2. Put all loose items in boxes. Boxes can be dollied and moved very quickly vs. carrying items out one by one.

3. Find a moving company that is willing to move EVERYTHING you have. Not all moving companies are equipped to move heavy items (gun safes, pianos, etc.) and may not be willing to move to certain items as they may go against their guidelines (perishables, plants, etc.).

4. Document everything. Take photos of all furniture to accurately capture their current condition. Taking a box count can also be helpful in the chance that you suspect a box has gone missing.

5. Pack an “Open First” box. Packing items like toiletries, clothing, towels, bedding, etc. can save you tons of time when you get to your final destination as you’ll most likely want to use a majority of them that day.

6. Label EVERYTHING. Having boxes labeled by room or destination is going to save you tons of time and energy. Color coordination works best. Having boxes labeled will help the movers know where to carry the items and leaves you more time to relax without being asked “Where does this go?”

7. Have your new place ready. Change all of the utilities over prior to moving in and make sure you have completed a thorough clean of the entire place.

8. Get rid of as much as possible. Save yourself time and money by decluttering and donating any unwanted items. Not only will you not have to pack them and then unpack them, but you won’t have to pay for them to be moved!

9. Use your suitcases, totes and laundry baskets to pack. These items are coming along for the move anyways, so you might as well utilize the space and fill them up with your belongings.

10. Use newspaper instead of bubble wrap. Not only do you most likely have some lying around to use, but it is much cheaper than bubble wrap even if you do have to purchase it.

11. Hire PROFESSIONAL movers. Hiring movers can make your moving process so much easier and relieve a lot of stress. Be sure to hire a trusted company that is knowledgeable and experienced to minimize the chances of any problems.

12. If you’re moving for a job, keep all of your receipts. If the reason you are relocating is for a job, be sure to keep all of your receipts as a majority of the costs may qualify for a tax deduction.

13. Have TVs properly packed. Having TVs boxed or properly packed will protect the screen and allows the moving company to properly stack their moving truck.

14. Place pets in secluded rooms. As much as we love your animals, they can disrupt the moving process and are a danger to movers maneuverability. We do not want to accidentally hurt your precious pets or damage your items by attempting to avoid hurting your pet.

15. Do not leave items in your drawers. Items can add weight and fall out during the moving process. It is best to remove these items and pack them in boxes. If you leave clothing and other fabrics in the drawers, be sure to tape them shut to ensure they do not fall out.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our moving tips and utilize them on your next move! Follow our blog for more information on moving topics!


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